Meet Chelsea

Head Journeyer Chelsea O'Donnell loves nothing more than helping businesses find their voice and craft their story. As a lifelong marketing professional, she believes that story telling is the key to finding an audience, engaging them with a product or service, and turning them into brand ambassadors and lifelong customers. 

Chelsea has held senior executive roles in marketing and public relations both in New York City and Sydney, Australia, working with clients in the areas of food, beverage, health, beauty, hospitality, travel, finance and home improvement. 

A writer at heart, Chelsea is passionate about helping businesses build their brands through all facets of marketing including advertising, public relations, social media, events, and most importantly, conversations.

In her free time, Chelsea enjoys helping friends and family make their small business dreams a reality. When she's not working, she is usually on the road, adding to the list of nearly 40 countries she has visited across six continents. She is also a proud dual citizen of the United States and Australia.