Social Media


Social media is the most popular avenue for marketing today, but with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and more vying for our attention, how is a small business owner to know which platforms to focus on and how to create enough quality content to cut through all the clutter? 

That’s where we come in. At Journey, we work with business owners to develop content that ensures all of the most important aspects of the business are being communicated consistently and with the appropriate brand voice and tone. We combine that with appropriate social media advertising opportunities to ensure that the most important messages are reaching new audiences within our client's budget.

It’s important to know that posting on social media is only half of the equation. At Journey, we implement listening tools to find out who is talking about your business or brand category, and we join the conversation to make sure that your brand is in the mix when a potential customer is making a purchasing decision. If someone sends a tweet asking for a recommendation for a local pizza house, we are there to answer. If a customer shares an Instagram photo of the new haircut they received at your salon, we are there to say thanks and compliment their new look. If someone is talking about you or looking for a business like yours, we’ll be there to chime in. 

While social media gives people a platform to share wonderful experiences, there are also times where a negative review or bad customer experience can pop up, potentially damaging a brand. At Journey, we monitor reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google, and more to say thanks for good experiences and stay on top of ones that might be less than satisfactory. If a bad review happens (and they do happen) we work with the customer to understand what went wrong and to provide solutions to make them feel at ease with the business. We also execute special communications tactics to ensure that other future customers who might be considering your business aren’t given the wrong impression. 

Social media is a powerful communications tool that when used correctly can offer exciting lead generation and brand building opportunities for your business. However, as algorithms change and new social media platforms crop up, it can be a tough task to manage on your own. Let us help you create a strategy and execute a plan to build and develop your social media presence in a way that resonates with existing and new potential customers from day one.