Brand Development


At Journey, we think of brands as personalities.

Envision meeting someone for the first time. After chatting for a little while, you can often decipher a few things about them. Maybe they are warm and talkative or funny and interesting. They could be shy and mysterious or kind hearted and honest. Most of the time from an initial interaction, you start to get an idea of who a person is and what their personality is like. This same process applies to brands too.

We work with our customers to develop their brands into living, breathing personalities. We’ll dig deep into the business’s identity and travel back in time to rediscover its purpose. We work with both you, the business owner, and your team to uncover how you want customers to feel, think, and talk about your business. We’ll develop the content that helps your customers understand what they can expect from you, how you’re different from others in your category, and what really defines you as a brand. Then we’ll get down and dirty to identify who your customers really are and what they want from you. We’ll also show you the opportunities you might be missing in your current communication and help you to develop an identity that resonates with the people who are most likely to engage in your product or service.

If you’re a new company or you’re thinking about going through a brand redevelopment, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to define who you are and where you want to go as a business. As part of your brand development, you’ll be given a fluid document capturing your brand’s identity, purpose, objectives, unique value proposition, and real ideal customer that can be used as a creative brief for any design or marketing projects in your future.

Who is your business? What does it stand for?  It’s time to find out.