Create a Successful Holiday Marketing Strategy in Six Steps

It may seem too soon to start talking about the holidays, but if you’re a small business owner who depends on the festive season to give you a big boost, it’s never too early to begin your marketing planning.

Executing a big holiday sale, event, or promotion may seem daunting, but with these six simple steps and a few tools, you’ll be well ahead of the game and ready for success. Now, let’s make those cash registers ring!

Step 1

Have a goal. When doing any kind of promotional exercise, you should have a specific target in mind. You might want to sell $50,000 worth of a product or secure 100 new signups for your email newsletter. Whatever you’re trying to do, it’s important to have something to measure your success by.

Step 2

Decide on a very clear value proposition. Many business owners over complicate their offer with sparkles and flashing lights when a simple 20% off will do just fine. Be clear on what you’re offering and what your customers will receive in exchange for their business.  Be sure you’re answering the question, “why is this offer better than anything else out there?”

Step 3

Now it’s time to develop the copy for the place where people will go to learn more, which is most likely your website. You’ll want to write some catchy and engaging text that gives people all the information they’ll need to know, including offer dates and any exclusions. Make sure all your links and buttons work and that your shopping cart is ready for orders (if applicable).

Step 4

Now that you have a place for people to land, what tools will you use to get the word out? Write down a quick list of everything you need to develop content for. Let’s say you’re doing a Black Friday sale. People will be able to take advantage of this sale on your website, but how will you get them there? Think about these options:



Affiliate marketing


Competitions / contests

Direct mail


Email marketing


Gifts and giveaways

Influencer marketing


Mobile / SMS

Online advertising

Point of sale materials

Print ads

Public speaking


Search / SEO

Shop front signage

Social media ads

Social media content






Your own website

Step 5

Once you’ve decided what tools you want to use, you’ll want to create a content calendar. This is a great way to collect all the images, copy, links and hashtags you’ll need to promote your sale. A content calendar will help you to get organized and ensure that you’re promoting your news regularly and well before the big day. As we all know, one Instagram post or one email newsletter isn’t going to do the trick, but a calendar will help you develop all of your promotional messaging in one place, and from there you can pull it out and drop it into your social media, email, or other advertising avenues. Need a template? We'll send you one.

Step 6

Once you have your content ready, think about who can help you get the word out. Can you partner with other local businesses? Maybe put some flyers in the neighborhood shops? Can you work with a few social media influencers that cover your industry? Are there events coming up in your area that target your demographic? Remember, any event, sale, or promotion is an opportunity to introduce your brand to new potential customers so take some time investigating options outside of your comfort zone.

A Few Last Words

Organizing a big promotion doesn’t have to be terrifying or frantic. Heck, you could wing it, but a properly devised strategy will help you to organize your messaging, make the best use of the platforms available to you, and give you a much better chance to make more sales and get yourself in front of more potential buyers for the long term. So, what are you waiting for?

Need some helping creating a launch strategy for the holiday season? Feel free to get in touch.