About Us

Welcome to Meet Future, a Connecticut-based marketing agency that connects local, next generation communications specialists with small business owners to build brands and generate leads at a price that won’t break the bank.

Small businesses are the engine room of the local economy, yet so many don't have the resources to grow and evolve the way that they want to. We hear it night and day, especially when it comes to social media and marketing! Sure, small business owners know that there are tons of great tools they can use, but with sales, operations, and staffing nipping at their heels, who has time to manage an Instagram account and write regular email newsletters?

For the busy small business owner, marketing often becomes a dreaded task that is pushed back into late nights and weekend mornings when a spare few minutes provide the opportunity to try and connect with a new potential customer. The result? A haphazard Facebook post or email blast that falls flat after hours wasted crafting the perfect message, finding the right photos, and boosting and promoting the ever living daylights out of a simple event or promotion.

So what gives? If only there was a solution to help small business owners stay on top of their marketing that didn’t mean hiring a dedicated staff member or retaining an expensive agency.

Well hello, there, we’re Meet Future.